A letter to the Loyal Patrons of Vinnie Todd’s Barbershop, Marble Falls Texas.


August 8th, 2019 We will have officially been open for 6 years. What a ride it has been! We have made some good friends and come in contact with some very good people here. There have been some ups and some downs which is all common place when striving to grow a successful business.

For the entirety of our existence here in the Texas Hill Country we have struggled with finding and keeping barbers. Many business owners in the area can relate to the difficulty of finding committed and quality help and we having need of licensed professionals were no exception.

After much thought and prayer we have decided to relocate to a more populated City that offers many, if not all of the needs a business like ours has. That being said it is with sadness and gratitude that we tell you Vinnie Todd’s will be closing its doors. Our very last day of work was or is, depending on when you are reading this, August 8th 2019.

There is so much to the story that we will not go to deeply into it here. Suffice it to say, sometimes the people you treat as friends and family are just the opposite. There is no doubt that we could have continued on making great money in our jobs here but we have our standards set pretty high and are approaching retirement age in the coming years. Our decision is purely based on these things. If you hear anything like, They went out of business or rumors that we were undone by the new shop in town, these rumors are false. Dena and I continued to make a fantastic living here in our little shop and could have worked into our old age here. We have had a sudden uptick of Licensed barbers who have come in asking to join our team lately, but we have decided to stay the course and relocate and take our business plan to a place where there are barber schools and a higher population. This plan was hatched over 3 years ago after experiencing empty chairs and a turn over of qualified barbers without the ability to replace them in a short period of time.

We want to thank all of you so very much for making our little shop go for 6 whole years. So many of you are high quality human beings who would give the shirt off of your backs to someone in need. I started this shop with very very little and many of you stepped up to help me either build my counter, install water heaters or carve out saloon doors by hand! So, thank you! Also, My landlords were the best ever! Thank you so much Betty and Ron! Ill not forget you my Brother and Sister. Shalom! We can only hope to get Landlords as cool as y’all were in our future shop home. So many of you I will not soon forget, you know who you are. There were a handful of you guys and some real friends who just kept coming back and so many who supported us all along the way. We will take the memories with us and never forget you for it.

Here are my Barber suggestions for you after were gone:

***Jason Ramirez and son at On Point Barbershop: Jason used to work at VT’s and is a great fader and does real clean work all around. A real nice guy too! Him and his son have opened a shop called On Point barbershop. Its located in the shopping Center where Metro PCS is on 1431 by the donut shop and GNC. Look for the Barber pole in the window. They also speak Spanish 😉

***Tyler is a real great guy and a great Barber too. His shop is located in Lakeway and is called Liberty Barbershop. He has an appointment system and a website online. Check him out.

***Carrie: Carrie also used to work at VT’s and is an all around great haircutter. She is taking appointments and Walk-ins at Great Clips in Marble Falls.

Thank you Hill Country and we send our love. Vince and Dena.